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Welcome to Home Health Rental

Home Health Rental is a SISTER CONCERN OF “North Asia Surgical Company” established in 2001, served more than 12 year in Pharmacy & Medical Equipments”.

  • The Home health rental is a full service provider of medical equipment and home respiratory products for a variety of conditions, such as COPD, obstructive sleep apnea, and asthma. This includes sales, service, and rentals with home delivery in your area.
  • We at home health rental provide superior customer service and top quality home medical products. Because we know that medical

Our Product


A respiratory machine, also known as a ventilator or respirator, is a medical device designed to assist individuals who have difficulty breathing on their own.

Hospital Beds

They provide comfort, support, and safety for individuals who are ill, injured, or recovering from medical procedures. Hospital beds come with

Wheel Chairs

Wheelchairs are mobility aids designed to assist individuals who have difficulty walking or are unable to walk due to injury, illness, or disability.


A ventilator machine, also known as a respirator or mechanical ventilator, is a medical device designed to support patients who are unable to


In hospitals, accessories are supplementary items that support patient care, enhance comfort, or aid medical procedures. These accessories

Our Services

Medical Equipment on Rent

Renting medical equipment is a convenient option for individuals who require temporary or intermittent use of specialized devices. Medical equipment rental services offer a wide range of products, including mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers, home care equipment such as hospital beds and patient lifts, and therapeutic devices like nebulizers or CPAP machines.

ICU Setup for Home Care

Setting up an ICU at home for medical care involves careful planning and coordination to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient. Key components of an ICU setup for home care include: Medical Equipment: Obtain essential medical equipment such as a hospital bed, ventilator, oxygen concentrator, suction machine, cardiac

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