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Portable Oxygen Concentrator on rent in Delhi

Home Health Rental offer sales and rentals for people traveling with in the India as well as International Travel. The patients needs come first. Let us know the specific oxygen requirements, we will let you know all the options available. We are an information resource! Above all, we want people to be educated on traveling with oxygen. Give us a call or to speak to a representative and get your questions answered. Send us a message on our contact page with your travel details and oxygen needs, we are here to assist. Home Health Rental differentiates between a portable oxygen tanks and a portable oxygen concentrator?

A portable oxygen tank supplies oxygen therapy to the patient at substantially higher concentrations than that of ambient air. These are the traditional tanks with up to 50’ of tubing. Home units are usually large, and patients are often given a smaller tank on wheels for use outside the home. These portable tank units must be refilled and the home oxygen concentrators are electrica.

Portable oxygen concentrators (or POCs) work on a similar principle, but they are much smaller in size and, therefore, increase mobility. In addition, portable oxygen concentrators are FAA-approved, enabling patients to travel by plane, train or ship. Since the POC makes oxygen (as opposed to storing it) there is no danger of running out and there are no refills, doctors appointments, and other inconvenient factors. These also run on batteries, DC power or with a car charger.

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